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ISO – Statistics Evidence its ValueISO have provided a free booklet on work that has some valuable information – for example

Estimates by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the US Department of Commerce both show that standards and related conformity assessment have an impact on 80 % of the world’s trade in commodities.

The document makes interesting reading as it has some encouraging facts about the value in implementing ISO certification:.

For example

Across 6 countries there was

    1. an increase in productivity – in one case 13%
    2. increases in impact on growth and on GDP – highest figure quoted was $62 Billion

Across 10 specific companies – spread across the globe – there were

    1. increases in sales that ranged from $650k to $13.6million.averaged $7million
    2. an average increase in sales revenue of  13%!

If you want to read more then go to bit.ly/QLZO4U