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Many – not only me – have vested interests in having their say on matters but often have very constructive points to make. I believe this response is very clear and indicative of the effort that ISO committees do try to exert to  “get it right”. However, they also have their vested interests. Those that have read my blog material KNOW that I am totally absorbed with not wasting time on a multiplicity of standards but meaningful and manageable integration but also my cynicism about the revenue generation that such multiplicity can be. However, you also know that I support – in the main – the new ISO structure emerging.

I differ on two points only of vested interest in good management principles…

Firstly we should start with Leadership and not Context as surely Leadership is what should be in place first and define context and not the other way round

Secondly Management (System) Review should be the last step in a feedback structured process and not buried under another clause of the standard.

BUT – changes like that do not detract from the prudent management system approach of the new structure. Well said Dr Cort