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smart-ISO has a comprehensive range of elements and modules that ensure you have all that you need to achieve International and National management system certification.


The alert system allows anyone the opportunity to raise an alert in a very basic way to record any non-conformity, incident, event etc

Document Management

The document management systems is extremely comprehensive yet straightforward to use ensuring adequate document control and maintenance


The software – as part of working towards competence – brings to the attention of new recruits (and existing staff when change has been necessary) all they need to be aware of in terms of processes, risk, documents, law and training


Inspection cover all aspects of the physical conditions of locations including safety, quality, environment, security etc and deviation from the required internal, corporate, national, international standards. Inspections will specifically cover – on a more routine basis than audit – the operation of critical control points identified when processes are mapped out.

In many cases a straightforward analysis can identify what was the root cause, close the problem and prevent it happening again. However, on occassions, a more in-depth investigation will need to be carried out and the software allows for a very detailed investigation when decided upon.


The Investigation process is based on a standard process of looking for immediate causes and basic causes and then looking for more detailed root causes by concentrating on key clauses their implementation, communication and levels of compliance


One of the pillars of compliance is that of legal compliance and smart-ISO provides the way to identify, review and manage legislative compliance.


Process management starts with the drawing of processes, showing there interlinkages and relationships, identifying where they contain critical control points – for subsequent inspections – and provide foundation for induction training and updating.


Most records are created in and stored by the software.  Management is then left to Authorized Users to manage. Where there is no digital record there is a library system to store other forms of record if required.


Continual improvement in smart-ISO is achieved by mapping out all processes and relating any active (inspection or Audit) or Re-Active (Incident or NCR) findings back to the process being deployed. In this way all processes can be continually approved.


The structure of the audit is to review on a regular basis that ALL the steps required by documented procedures of process flows to library material are checked and evidenced as being followed or suitable and appropriate actions raised.


The dashboard provides graphical representation of action progress and a filtering system to help identify key aspects for review

Hazard Management

This is an integral part of process risk management.

Incident Recording

This is a way of distinguishing and recording personnel incidence from other non-conformity occurrences


Internal Audit is arranged to cover the whole organization through a more than manageable approach to business unit reviews that includes all procedires and processes.


The Issue tracker provides a way for all participants to be able to report issues they find on the software and to take them through a review process to identify Bugs, Improvements, Enhancements and can also be rejected or the need for further training identified.


The logic of process-based risk assessment is to ensure the most effective method for handling hazards, threats and risks and ensuring that root causes are identified, actions generated, monitored and reviewed.


smart-ISO has adopted a multi-phase approach to system reviews that links IMS management meetings and Annex SL subject matter with internal audit and inspections to provide a complete picture of the management systems.


The training module deals not only with course content and management but also staff attendance, records and certification.